An Honest And Relatable
Lawyer Treating Clients
With Dignity And Respect

Professional Legal Representation And Dedication To Clients

At Aponte Law Services, I provide representation to clients in areas including personal bankruptcy, criminal defense, traffic ticket defense and landlord-tenant disputes. I am firm founder Ernie Aponte, an attorney with nearly two decades of experience. When you hire my firm, you’ll work directly with me – a fierce and loyal legal advocate who will fight for you both in and out of the courtroom.

My office is located in Hammonton, and I serve clients throughout New Jersey’s Atlantic County and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more about me and how I can help you. To read my official bio, just follow the link below:

A Lawyer You Can Relate To

If you come from a humble background and work a blue-collar job, I can easily relate because I’ve been where you are. I was one of four boys raised by a single mother and living in subsidized housing. My mother started on welfare and was eventually able to become a teacher. She taught me the value of education and hard work, which I carry with me to this day.

Although I always wanted to be a lawyer, that’s not where my career began. I spent a very short time working as a police officer before deciding it wasn’t right for me. Then, I became a social worker, spending about 15 years investigating child abuse cases. I rose through the ranks while also attending law school at night (despite having a full-time job and three girls to support). After graduating near the top of my class, I earned my law degree and passed the bar exam.

I now spend my time serving the needs of clients and giving back to my community.

I Speak Truth To Power And Advocate Passionately For My Clients

Atlantic County has many great judges, but there are also individuals who become judges and believe that their black robe gives them the right to speak to lawyers and litigants however they want to. My clients and I have experienced racist and dismissive comments and behavior on numerous occasions. While I believe it is important to be respectful and humble most of the time, I’m not afraid to call out injustice and stand up for my clients.

I will tell a judge that what they are doing is wrong and will file judicial ethics complaints if I have to – abuse of authority cannot go unanswered. I typically keep business cards in my pocket because people ask for them after seeing me push back against judges who spend their days insulting and mistreating others with far less power than they have. As your attorney, I will do the same for you.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Case In A Free Consultation

When clients come to my office in Hammonton, I want them to feel like they’re meeting a friend for coffee. I offer free initial consultations so that you can tell me your story, learn about your rights and options, and feel confident that I’m the right attorney for you. To get started, send me a message online or call 609-566-8668. Yo hablo español.