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How do points work on a driving record?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Traffic Violations - Traffic Violations

Moving violations will get you points added to your driving record. The number of points depends on the type of violation and its severity.

Minor infractions, such as parking tickets, do not result in points. It is important to know how many points you have on your record because they can come with penalties.


You can receive from two to eight points per moving violation. Fines and surcharges on the points depend on how many you get. You also will receive points for violations you get in other states, with a few exceptions. Many ticket types will give you two points, but more serious offenses, such as improper passing or excessive speeding will result in higher points. Dangerous maneuvers generally will come with higher points, such as racing on the roadway and tailgating, which both come with five points.

Excessive points

Once you get six points within a three-year span, you will receive a surcharge from the Motor Vehicle Commission of $150. You also have to pay fines for each point you accumulate.


You can get points off your driving record in a couple of ways. You can take the state defensive driving course to remove two points. You also will lose points automatically after going one year without a violation. For each year you keep your record clean, you lose three points.

Keep in mind that accumulating a large number of points will have adverse effects on your driving privileges and your budget. Fines can be expensive, and you will have to pay them or face additional penalties.