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People, For The People

My name is Ernest A. Aponte. I have practiced law in New Jersey for nearly two decades. Before pursuing a law degree, I spent 15 years as a social worker and investigator for the state. My “real-world” experience gives me a unique and well-rounded perspective in guiding people in my community through the legal system.

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Guiding People Through Municipal Court Issues, Bankruptcy And DUI

Early in my legal career, I was employed as both a municipal public defender and a municipal prosecutor. This experience, along with my time in private practice, allowed me to develop a network of strong relationships in the legal community. By leveraging these relationships, I take advantage of the accumulated knowledge and experience of my colleagues to provide a strong representation for my clients. Over my career, I have helped hundreds of clients with criminal cases, landlord-tenant issues, bankruptcy filings, DUI charges and other municipal court issues.

To Get Justice, You Need Someone Like Me

As a blue collar attorney who grew up in a single-parent home in subsidized housing, I pride myself on treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. My life has exposed me to people from all walks of life and I understand their struggles. Before becoming a lawyer, I worked as a social worker for the state for many years. After getting my law degree, I worked as both a public defender and a prosecutor before starting my own practice. These experiences give me a deep understanding of the legal system, the needs of people in my community and how to get justice for my clients.

A Humble Attorney Fighting Tenaciously For My Clients

Ernie Aponte

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