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Experienced Advocacy And Legal Services For New Jersey Landlords

Whether you manage an entire apartment complex or just have a spare room for rent, being a landlord is difficult. The laws governing landlord-tenant issues are complex, and they often seem to favor the rights of tenants over the rights and financial concerns of landlords.

Thankfully, the law can work for you, too – with the help of a good attorney. In Hammonton and throughout Atlantic County, the firm to call is Aponte Law Services. My name is Ernie Aponte, and I bring nearly two decades of legal experience to each client and case. I will be your advocate in the legal system, helping you understand and exercise your rights. You can always count on me to protect your personal and financial interests.

Offering A Wide Range Of Services, Advice And Representation

I can help you with nearly any legal issue you may be facing as a landlord, including:

  • Managing nonpaying tenant cases
  • Overseeing evictions
  • Responding to tenant complaints
  • Drafting and reviewing leases
  • Dealing with issues related to rent regulation

I’ve been representing landlords in legal disputes for decades, and I understand the changing landscape of laws and regulations governing the industry. As is often the case in life, it is far cheaper and easier to prevent problems than to resolve them. I can advise you on how to protect yourself and your property through careful planning, well-written lease agreements and clear communication with tenants.

Speak To A Lawyer About Your Legal Options For Free

As a New Jersey landlord, there are three things you must have to file a claim against a tenant; a landlord registration, a lease and a ledger. Without those three things, the court will automatically reject your filing. If you are properly registered as a landlord and can produce a lease and a ledger, contact my firm to discuss your options in a free consultation by calling 609-566-8668 or filling out my online contact form or. Yo hablo español.